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Prevention and Maintenance Tips - Saint-Jacques

Service De Plancher Marcel & Fils inc.

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This page provides all the necessary information regarding our hardwood flooring services. Concerned about customer satisfaction, our professional team attends to all your needs. Therefore, do not wait any longer and contact us to discuss your project!

Before starting the work

Below is a list of all the necessary resources for a smoother process and for us to be more efficient.

Our equipment works with a 220-volt power supply. It is the same plug required to operate your stove or dryer. We may also have to access your electrical panel.

Floor Installation and Repair in Saint-Jacques

General Information

Baseboards and quarter-rounds don’t hinder our work. However, minor paint touch-ups might be required once the job is over.

To prevent the spread of dust and depending on the scope of the work and configuration of the premises, we recommend you use a protective cover. Alternatively, we can also take care of that upon request. We will likely have to open doors to tackle a doorway or doorstep. In such cases, we will make sure to limit the spread of dust to adjacent rooms.

Floor Varnishing in Saint-Jacques


To keep your hardwood flooring in perfect condition, consider the following guidelines:

  • A minimum waiting time of 48 hours is required before putting back any furniture. Moderate and light traffic is allowed 24 hours after the last coat has been applied.
  • It is strongly recommended to use self-adhesive felt protection under the base of your furniture to avoid damaging the flooring.
  • Any varnish takes up to 3 weeks to reach its maximum hardness. Special attention is, therefore, required during this critical phase. We also recommend moderate movements and work.
  • You will also have to wait 3 weeks before washing your flooring in order not to alter their shine.
  • We recommend using a product specially designed for wooden flooring or mild liquid soap (such as dishwashing soap) diluted in warm/hot water. It is highly important not to use household products such as Hertel,, Lestoil, nor waxes, vinegar and powder or gel/liquid abrasive products (vim, comet, etc.).
Floor Sanding in Saint-Jacques

General information

Our team is available Monday to Friday from 7:00 am. For your convenience, we will inform you of our team’s estimated arrival time on the eve.

Our priority is your satisfaction, and our goal is to restore your flooring to its original state. However, many products have gradually evolved, resulting in a slight change compared with past tones and/or shines, although their quality remains the same.

These new products confer a more natural look. Backed by quality, high-performance products, specialized equipment, and extensive expertise, we do our utmost to give your flooring a stylish appearance while complying with your tastes and needs. You can even choose the sheen level: semi-gloss, satin or matte. Just make sure to specify your choice when booking our services.

Floor Installation and Repair in Saint-Jacques